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Selena Gomez’s Voice Change: Lupus, Vocal Coaching, or Something Else?

Selena Gomez, a name that resonates with millions around the globe, is not just a singer and actress but also a producer and philanthropist.

Selena first gained recognition in the mid-2000s with her role as Alex Russo on the Emmy Award-winning Disney television series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Since then, she has successfully transitioned into the music industry, releasing multiple albums that have topped the charts.

Recently, fans and critics alike have noticed a distinct change in Selena’s voice.

It seems to have evolved, sounding different than what we’ve been accustomed to hearing in her songs and shows. This observation has sparked curiosity and led to various speculations.

Selena Gomez’s Early Career and Voice

Selena Gomez’s journey to stardom began with her role as the witty and mischievous Alex Russo in Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

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Her performance not only won her an Emmy but also endeared her to millions of fans worldwide.

During this time, her voice became one of her most recognizable features, setting the stage for her future music career.

In her early career, Selena’s voice was noted for its unique qualities. She is a natural soprano, with a vocal range spanning three octaves.

Her voice had a youthful, vibrant quality that perfectly suited the pop tracks she was known for.

It was light and sweet, with a distinctive tone that set her apart from her contemporaries.

Observations of Voice Change

Over the years, fans and critics have observed a noticeable change in Selena Gomez’s voice.

The youthful, vibrant soprano that once echoed in her early songs and shows seemed to have evolved.

The change was subtle at first, but as she took on more mature roles and produced more music, it became more apparent.

One of the most notable observations came with her role in the hit series “Only Murders in the Building”.

Fans were quick to notice that her voice in the show sounded different – it was deeper, more resonant, and carried a certain gravitas that was not present in her earlier work.

This change added a new layer to her character, Mabel Mora, and brought a fresh dynamic to her performance.

Possible Reasons for Voice Change

One of the most natural explanations for the change in Selena Gomez’s voice is vocal maturity.

As we age, our voices tend to deepen and become more resonant due to physiological changes in our vocal cords and respiratory system.

This is a normal part of growing up and could be a contributing factor to the evolution of Selena’s voice.

However, another significant aspect to consider is Selena’s health condition.

She has been open about her battle with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect various parts of the body, including the skin, joints, and organs.

  • Lupus can also impact the respiratory system, including the larynx (voice box), which could potentially affect a person’s voice.
  • Research has shown that Lupus can cause inflammation in the larynx, leading to changes in voice quality.
  • Symptoms can include hoarseness, breathiness, and a decrease in vocal range.
  • It’s important to note that while Lupus can affect the voice, the extent of the impact can vary greatly from person to person.

In Selena’s case, it’s possible that her Lupus condition may have had some impact on her voice.

However, without a detailed medical examination and direct confirmation from her or her medical team, this remains speculative.

Selena Gomez’s Voice and Her Acting Career

Despite the noticeable change in her voice, Selena Gomez’s acting career continues to flourish.

The evolution of her voice has added a new dimension to her performances, making her characters more intriguing and relatable.

Her role as Mabel Mora in “Only Murders in the Building” is a testament to her acting prowess.

Despite the noticeable change in her voice, her performance was met with critical acclaim.

The depth and resonance in her voice added a layer of mystery to her character, enhancing the overall narrative of the show.

Selena’s performance in the show not only won her praise from critics but also earned her nominations for prestigious awards.

This goes to show that despite the changes in her voice, Selena Gomez continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.


Selena Gomez’s voice may have evolved over the years, but it remains as captivating as ever.

The change in her voice is a testament to her resilience and adaptability as an artist.

It adds a unique touch to her performances, making her stand out in the world of music and acting.

As fans, we can only look forward to what she brings to the table next.

After all, change is the only constant, and in Selena’s case, it’s a melody that keeps getting better.

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