what perfume does taylor swift wear

Signature Scents: Can You Bottle the Essence of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift‘s ability to reinvent herself and embrace diverse aesthetics has undeniably influenced the fashion and lifestyle landscape.

One question that often comes up among fans and followers is, “What perfume does Taylor Swift wear?

It’s a small detail, but one that offers a glimpse into her personal style and preferences. After all, a person’s choice of fragrance can say a lot about them.

Taylor Swift’s Current Favorite Perfumes

When it comes to her personal fragrance choices, Taylor Swift has a few favorites that she’s shared with her fans.

Let’s explore these scents and what makes them so special.

Santal Blush by Tom Ford:

Santal Blush by Tom Ford
Credit: tomford.com

This perfume is known for its woodsy fragrance that’s grounded in notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, and ylang-ylang.

It’s a scent that’s both exotic and earthy, much like the multifaceted personality of Taylor herself.

The sandalwood provides a rich, creamy base, while the cinnamon adds a touch of warmth and the ylang-ylang brings in a hint of floral sweetness.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford:

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
Credit: tomford.com

Another favorite of Taylor’s from Tom Ford’s collection is Tobacco Vanille.

This is a sophisticated fragrance with a smoky sweet scent. It’s a bold choice, reflecting Taylor’s fearless and trendsetting style.

The tobacco leaf and spicy notes give it a rich depth, while the vanilla adds a touch of sweetness that’s hard to resist.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf:

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
Credit: us.viktor-rolf.com

Last but not least, Taylor has expressed her love for Flowerbomb.

This perfume is a floral explosion with notes of jasmine, rose, and cattleya orchid, along with a base of patchouli.

It’s a scent that’s both explosive and passionate, much like Taylor’s powerful performances.

Each of these perfumes offers a glimpse into Taylor Swift’s world, reflecting different aspects of her personality and style.

Taylor Swift’s Own Perfume Line

Taylor Swift’s foray into the world of fragrance began in 2011 with a collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.

This partnership resulted in a line of perfumes that captured the essence of her music and resonated deeply with her fans.

A Symphony of Scents:

  • Wonderstruck: This whimsical debut fragrance, inspired by the song “Enchanted,” boasted a fruity-floral blend with notes of raspberry, apple blossom, and vanilla. It embodied the youthful optimism and fairy-tale themes prevalent in Swift’s early career.
  • Wonderstruck Enchanted: Taking a sweeter turn, this fragrance explored gourmand territory with notes of sugar plum, white chocolate, and honeysuckle. It reflected the playful and romantic side of Swift’s persona.
  • Taylor: This namesake fragrance marked a shift towards a more mature and sophisticated scent. Featuring notes of mandarin, freesia, and cashmere wood, it resonated with fans drawn to Swift’s evolution as an artist.
  • Made of Starlight: Inspired by the song of the same name, this fragrance offered a celestial theme with notes of starfruit, jasmine, and sandalwood. It catered to fans drawn to Swift’s introspective and dreamlike storytelling.
  • Incredible Things: This final addition to the line was a bold and empowering fragrance with notes of blackcurrant, patchouli, and pink pepper. It celebrated self-belief and resilience, themes often explored in Swift’s later music.

A Farewell to Scents:

Unfortunately, the collaboration between Swift and Elizabeth Arden ended, and the perfumes were discontinued.

This sparked a frenzy among fans, desperate to find similar scents or stock up on their favorites.

Online communities dedicated to finding dupes and sharing fragrance recommendations became a testament to the enduring appeal of these perfumes.

Finding Dupes for Taylor Swift’s Perfumes

While the exact fragrances Taylor Swift enjoys remain a mystery, many fans have sought out affordable alternatives or “dupes” for the scents she’s rumored to love.

Here are some popular options for her most frequently mentioned perfumes:

For the floral sweetness of Flowerbomb:

  • La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme: This iconic fragrance boasts a similar explosion of floral notes, with prominent jasmine, rose, and iris. It also has a warm, gourmand base of vanilla and praline, making it a budget-friendly substitute for Flowerbomb.

For the playful and whimsical Wonderstruck:

  • Can Can by Paris Hilton: This fruity-floral fragrance features notes of raspberry, apple blossom, and vanilla, similar to the opening and heart of Wonderstruck. It’s a sweet and cheerful option that captures the youthful spirit of the original.
  • Velvet Sugar by Bath and Body Works: This warm and cozy fragrance features notes of vanilla, caramel, and pink pepper. While not an exact dupe, it offers a similar sweetness and comfort with a touch of spice, reminiscent of Wonderstruck’s vanilla and musk base. 

For the warm and sophisticated Tom Ford fragrances:

Finding dupes for Tom Ford’s luxurious scents can be tricky, but here are some options that capture similar vibes:

  • Tobacco Vanille by Zara: This fragrance offers a smoky and sweet aroma with notes of tobacco leaf, vanilla, and tonka bean. While not as complex as the original, it provides a hint of the alluring warmth and depth of Tobacco Vanille at a fraction of the price.
  • Santal Blush by Zara: This fragrance features notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk, creating a warm and comforting aroma. While it lacks the floral notes of the original, it offers a similar woodsy and grounding feel at a more accessible price point.


Imagine stepping out of a boutique perfume shop, carrying with you the fragrant secrets of Taylor Swift.

You’ve navigated through the rich, woodsy notes of Santal Blush, the smoky sweetness of Tobacco Vanille, and the floral explosion of Flowerbomb.

You’ve also uncovered the scents of Taylor’s own line with Elizabeth Arden, and found affordable alternatives that echo these exquisite aromas.

This isn’t just about Taylor’s perfume choices. It’s a personal journey into the world of fragrances, a quest to find a scent that resonates with your own style and personality.

As you wear these fragrances, you’re not just echoing Taylor’s choices, but also creating your own scent story. So, here’s to finding that perfect perfume that speaks to you. Happy scent hunting!

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